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The Holga Camera

The Holga is a crappy plastic camera, with a romantic image as a crappy plastic camera. I haven't been super impressed with what I've managed to accomplish with the Holga, but I'm willing to give it a bit of time to allow it to reveal its wonder.

These cameras are super-cheap and ideal for situations where you might want to get pictures, but an asteroid might hit your photo equipment or you might get robbed. It's the Bic pen of cameras.

One very interesting angle to the Holga is due to its, uh, cheapness. The fact that they can be had for next to nothing means that they are very attractive to those who might want to customize their cameras. As a result, modification of Holgas has become a sort of cottage industry. Holgas are painted, their shutters adjusted or replaced, tripod mounts are added, they are made into pinhole cameras... The list of Holga modifications goes on and on.

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