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My first Russian camera was a LOMO LCA. LOMOs have a fabulous reputation that is based mostly on marketing hype. They are fun cameras, and you can definitely get some amazing images from them, but they also have some significant drawbacks. The first major problem with them is that they're hugely overpriced. In stores, they are between $100 and $200 US. You can scare one up on Ebay for less, but most people are too scared to do so. I got mine from a web store. Another big shortcoming of the lomo is the lack of a connector for a cable release. You get a camera that can do wonderfully long night exposures, but you can't put it on a tripod and trip the shutter remotely. Lastly, take the 3 zone focusing. Please. I sold my LOMO on eBay (at a profit), and replaced it with an Olympus XA2.

The XA2 was fun for a while, but I missed the ability to do freakishly long (I'm talking minutes here) exposures. I hunted around for a cheap camera that could behave like my long lost LOMO, but which didn't suck. Then I found the Kiev 35. It's cheap, US $30, can be used with a cable release, has a nice lens, folds up into a small, pocketable package, and gives fun pictures. It's better than a LOMO!.

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